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about cement division

About the Division

The Cement Division was established in 2013, in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 453 of 1958, as a subsidiary of the Building Materials Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries. Their mission is to represent and develop the cement industry in Egypt, as well as promote and enhance the economic, environmental and societal benefits of building with concrete–cement’s end product.

Working Methodology of the Division

  1. The Cement Division seeks to build bridges of communication with all government agencies concerned with the cement industry in order to issue reports detailing all the facts related to the cement industry in Egypt.
  2. The Division supports the Egyptian economy, and works together with all stakeholders, to reach the best solutions to all challenges and problems faced by various companies operating in the cement sector in Egypt.
  3. The Cement Division has the expertise and competencies required to deal with all the problems and urgent issues facing the sector, in order to ensure its continuity and progress in the Egyptian market in the future. The Cement Division also works on developing the sector and developing all its fields to maximize the role it plays in supporting the Egyptian economy and community development from various aspects.