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Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts of the Cement Producers in Egypt

The Cement Division of the Egyptian Federation of Industries supports the Egyptian cement producers in their efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Cement Division seeks to coordinate the efforts of these companies to engage in joint CSR initiatives, to achieve best results and reach the largest number of beneficiaries.The Division contributes to attaining the vision of sustainable development currently being pursued by Egypt.

I. Raising Awareness to the Importance of CSR

Among the efforts made by the Division, is raising awareness for the concept of corporate social responsibility in cement factories, in cooperation with academia and the Office of Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development in the Egyptian Industries Union.

In addition, the Division dedicates itself to expose best practices in CSR efforts to the media and the press in order to encourage producers to maintain their efforts and provide best practices and inspire new CSR approaches.

The Division continuously encourages and supports Egyptian cement producers in the field of capacity building for their employees. It presents successful models in CSR in the industrial sector. The Division believes that the role of CSR is no longer an option, but rather an imperative and an urgent need to support the Egyptian society.

II. Examples of CSR efforts by Cement Producers in Egypt.

Cement producers in Egypt have been engaging in a wide range of sustainable activity in supporting and empowering their local communities.

Producers have taken various initiatives to address their surroundings’ needs on several fronts that include environmental protection, education, capacity building and health.

In addition to this, they also donated funds to various activities and organizations working on sustainable development, as well as developed projects or programs to support underprivileged communities.

Recycling & the environmentRecycling projects...
  1. Recycling & the environment
    Recycling projects have been implemented by Cement Producers in order to protect the environment and create job opportunities for local communities. 
  2. Engaging with underprivileged communities
    The Division encourages all Cement producers to support and maintain engagement with their local communities during the Holy month of Ramadan; by donating food supplies boxes in order to secure food for the unprivileged, and building roofs and shelters in their needy surroundings to improve the level of life.
  3. Education & Capacity Building
    – Build the capacities of employees.
    – Improve employees’ potentials.
    – Enrich employees’ experiences.
    – Increase employees’ productivity, which leads to an increase in incomes.

In addition to offering internships to students in the field, and supporting vocational schools in the producers’ neighbourhoods.

Cement producers have developed educational programs in order to raise awareness about health and safety measures among vocational schools’ students in order to help them protect themselves and provide them with the necessary skills to join the workforce.


4. Providing Employment Opportunities The...
4. Providing Employment Opportunities The...

4. Providing Employment Opportunities

The Cement Division, in collaboration with cement producers in Egypt, seeks to increase the employment opportunities offered by the sector to Egyptians, including workers, engineers, administrators, technicians and technicians. They also provide many indirect employment opportunities through the networks of suppliers, distributors, etc.  

Due to the geographical distribution of factories operating in the cement sector, this provides multiple employment opportunities for Egyptian youth throughout the county, including Upper Egypt, Canal cities and Sinai.  

5. Health & Safety

The Cement Division constantly provides the best practices in the field of health and safety to the industry. The Division encourages cement factories in Egypt to maintain the health of all their workers, employees and engineers. Their security and safety is placed as a top priority for all companies operating in the field.