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Health & Safety


The Cement Division of the Egyptian Federation of Industries supports the Cement Producers in identifying regulations and legislation supporting the health and safety of their employees.

Best practices, operations and facility guidelines are continuously shared and exposed between cement producers and reported to the government and other stakeholders.  

The Division also provides information, advisories, and recommendations to its members to guarantee a safe working environment to the cement labour, as well as maintaining a healthy atmosphere to the neighbourhood of the cement plants.

Cement producers in Egypt, hand in hand with the Division, conduct several health & safety campaigns to improve the awareness of workers with occupational hazards, and how to avoid it.

They are also taking health measurements for heat stress on site and providing campaigns to workers on how to avoid it.

These measures include maintaining the...
These measures include maintaining the...

These measures include maintaining the cement plants organized free from hazards with clearly marked fire exits, with labour maintaining health and safety kit.  

Several medical check-ups are conducted for employees and families, as well as programs to follow up and improve their health conditions, in addition to offering excellent services through health insurance programs.  

The Cement Division follows up the results of cement producers’ action plans in health & safety to improve: the areas of weaknesses and the performances among producers.  

The Cement producers are also involved with their local communities, wanting to improve their health & safety condition through CSR activities, through providing medical equipment, renovating hospitals in less privileged areas of Egypt, and supporting vocational training schools in this domain.