Dr. Noha Bakr: Egypt has become a center for regional and international conferences in the Building Materials Sector

February 19, 2019

Cairo, February 6, 2019: The Cement Producers Division of the Union of Egyptian Industries participated in the Building Materials Conference held in Cairo on February 6 and 7, 2019 in the presence of a group of investors at the local, regional and international levels in the building materials sector.

Dr. Noha Baker, Executive Director of the Cement Division, spoke about the cement industry in Egypt and the opportunities it faces. The challenges highlighted the role of industry in community responsibility, awareness of health, and safety conditions in the building materials industry, and respect for environmental standards. The cement industry, which employs about 50,000 direct labor, and 200,000 indirect labor with investments estimated at more than 250 billion Egyptian pounds, with a foreign investment estimated at 52% of these investments.

Cement manufacturers are working to use a larger proportion of alternative fuels to reduce the energy bill, which represents between 50 to 60 percent of the cost of cement. They also seek to expand export opportunities to discharge surplus production capacity which could reach 33 million in 2019 Stressing the role of the Division in the development of the cement industry in Egypt, and enhancing the economic, environmental and social benefits by communicating with all concerned parties.

Dr. Noha Bakr has expressed she was pleased to participate in this important conference, and her great happiness that Egypt has become a receptive to regional conferences for its security and safety and an opportunity for tourism to foreign conference guests.

The Cement Producers Division was established in 2013 to begin the development of the cement industry in Egypt. The Division is part of the Building Materials Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries and works to support the cement industry in Egypt.