The Cement Division Launches Its First Electronic Network Offering Various Services to All Parties Concerned with Cement in Egypt

April 23, 2019

The Cement Division, a subsidiary of the Building Materials Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, announced the launch of its first electronic network which would be providing information to all parties concerned with cement in Egypt. The network also represents an important communication tool between all stakeholders in the cement sector.

On this occasion, Medhat Stefanos, Chairman of the Cement Division, said, “The launch of the first electronic web site is consistent with the policy of the Cement Division to keep up with advanced technologies. The objective is to communicate with all stakeholders interested to acquire more information about the production of cement in Egypt and the size of investments. In addition the web site exposes the role of the industry in CSR, the preservation of the environment, and the health and safety of all individuals working in the production of cement in Egypt.”

Dr. Noha Bakr, Executive Director of the Cement Division, noted, “The cement sector contributes with 1% of the gross domestic production of Egypt and around 10% of the gross national income of Egyptian industries. The launch of the electronic network is an important step carried out by the Division to achieve its goals. The objectives of the Division include supporting cement producers in Egypt, eliminating obstacles facing the industry, and maximizing the opportunities of exporting cement to various markets around the world.  The electronic network would play a vital role in gathering all stakeholders in the cement industry in one unified platform where all opportunities and challenges associated with cement are addressed.

Bakr added that the Cement Division electronic web site would be publishing many facts and statements derived from official bodies about various aspects related to cement production in Egypt. The network presents a comprehensive portfolio about the Egyptian cement sector. This is in addition to all events and news that would interest everybody working in cement production regionally and internationally.

It is noteworthy that the Cement Division was established in 2013 to develop cement production in Egypt. The division is a subsidiary of the Chamber of Building Materials at the Federation of Egyptian Industries. In fact the Egyptian cement sector offers around 50,000 direct working opportunities and more than 200,000 indirect working opportunities at the current time in Egypt.

The Electronic Network of the Cement Division: